Loneliness, or being lonely, isn’t being alone; it means that you’re feeling alone. This sense will be triggered even once you measure up amidst the group. Loneliness implies a sense of disconnection from oneself, others, and society. The feeling of “I am alone” is like an octopus that engulfs one with its robust arms solely to make one feel depressed and cornered in its dark veils of negativity. This bitter feeling is also usually old in robust times like the COVID-19 pandemic and war! The instant we have a tendency to begin feeling lonely, our whole focus turns thereto, and so we have a tendency to succumb thereto, simply to suffer.

Why do I feel alone or lonely?

One may feel isolated as a result of some family problems or personal discontent. At times, there’s no clear reason for this sense. However, what we must perceive is that being lonely and unhappy isn’t thanks to external circumstances, but thanks to our internal perceptions.

Most of the time, it’s felt as a result of one thinking that nobody within society is willing to simply accept him. However, the actual fact is that he doesn’t settle for himself as he’s self-negative and brings forth tremendous suffering.

This is a consequence of not respecting ourselves and pressuring ourselves to keep up with others’ expectations. Once we fail to regulate others’ manner of thinking, we have a tendency to feel gloomy from the inside. We are unable to connect with those in the surrounding North American countries, despite our desire. This inner inability results in increased self-negative thoughts.

According to Akram Science, a revolutionary religious science, the root cause of feeling alone is a lack of true understanding of the Self.

Dealing with Loneliness

What should you try to do after you feel lonely? Is there a way to stop feeling lonely? The good news here is that there are some simple, sensible ways to overcome loneliness.

  1. Recognizing and Addressing:

There are people that neglect their suffering by overindulging in alternative activities like looking at movies and eating uptake. These, however, are only temporary distractions that make one feel occupied, providing symptomatic relief from loneliness. However, once one stops looking or uptake, a similar feeling of loneliness surfaces once more. This implies that, while we may not appear to be accepting of this sense, we do exploit it. Thus, acknowledging “I am feeling alone” is the opening to beat it. Only then will we have a tendency to get solutions to come back out of it.

Negative thoughts will only overpower the United States if we allow them to stay within! Not taking note of them and substituting them quickly with the positive ones facilitates our self-command and confidence. Right understanding and positivism work as antidotes here. If we have a tendency to not use them, we are going to never get out of this negativity. We will obtain each antidote by reading autobiographies and books that reveal the life incidents of nice people who have been through similar stages of life. So now, if you’re feeling lonely, simply take inspiration from these sources along the trail to manage it.

2) Self-Realization: This is the key to removing the cognitive content of the self as well as misunderstandings about ourselves. we have a tendency to once we understand the United Nations agency, we square measure (our real identity) with the Enlightened One, inner peace replaces the acute darkness of isolation. Thus, fulfillment is the handiest way to stop feeling alone.

A sense of inner elation ensues from the inside, and therefore, the strength to fight against incorrect or negative feelings doubles once the fulfillment ceremony. This happens solely through the grace of the living Enlightened One. Thousands of individuals have experienced this eternal elation through fulfillment. At the earliest, you, too, will enter it!



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Prosenjit Nath

Prosenjit Nath

Prosenjit is an IT engineer by profession and an author by passion. He mostly focuses on personal development, productivity, politics, and spirituality.