Relaxing Into the Sense of Aliveness

Prosenjit Nath
2 min readApr 4, 2022
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There’s an observation so straightforward that a lot of individuals can discount it as worthless to make an attempt.

They’ll miss out on the transformative power of that terribly simple phrase.

The thing to observe is this: sit still for an instant, and simply feel what it appears to be like to be alive. Then relax into that feeling.

Yes, I know, sitting still for an instant isn’t one thing we would like to try and do right away. We tend to have things to try and do, man! However, simply strive for a second. Sit still and feel what it appears to be like to be alive, for you, right this moment. There has never been another moment like this one, and there will never be again.

Let Pine Tree State repeat that: There’s never been another moment like this explicit one, and never will be once more.

That means that at this moment, we’ve got the chance to completely appreciate the miracle of this moment and the way it came to be from the infinite variety of causes that created it from preceding moments. Because of the countless people who have supported us, and because of everything on this planet, we simply happened to be in the right circumstances to become who we are right now. What a freakin’ miracle!

So tune in, and see what it appears to be like to be alive right now:

> What sensations does one notice in their body?

> What’s the energy of these sensations? Will the energy amendment stay or move?

> What’s the feel of your breath?

> Does one notice pain, discomfort, tenderness, or tightness?

> Get curious and explore, investigate, and look even closer.

> Absorb the entirety of your sensory input, all at once, and hold it in your awareness

> Stick with this sense, rather than moving on. Then keep a touch extra.

Now that you’ve become curious, investigated, and stayed with your expertise… Strive this:

1. Relax into the sensation. If there’s any tightness around your expertise, simply relax that tightness. Relax and enjoy your expertise. Typically, we’ve got some reasonable aversion to what we’re experiencing, or an urge to run away from it, and I’m suggesting we tend to relax and simply be with it, even if we don’t need it to diverge.

2. Notice feelings for the sensation of survival, albeit there’s pain, tightness, or discomfort. Be grateful for the miracle you’re lucky enough to witness right away.

3. Notice how much love you have for everything in your awareness, from everything around you to your own expertise, your body, and your breath. It’s all one issue, and every command is in your love.

Prosenjit Nath

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