Pursue inner perfection rather than perfect life.

For a ruler regarding intelligence and enlightenment, immaturity is an effort. In an administration concerning ignorance, deficiency is natural, then perfecting is an effort; the conclusion is an effort yet is unavoidable! The wise one’s makeup is flawless.

Perfection is the responsibility of arrival quantity. And fulfilled accountability capability works as an agreement that you are the solely accountable person in the world. When you practice quantity vairagya (dispassion), you will be able to outweigh the almost dime-sized potty things with considerable perfection.

There are three kinds of perfection concerning action/work: ideal in utterance and feelings (intention). Some humans are excellent at their actions, but those senses are grumpy and angry. Some human beings inform lies, so their oration is not perfect, but they do their jobs together with the correct intention. For example, a doctor may tell a patient, “Don’t worry, thine disease will be cured,” but this may not be the case. Here, the pleasure at the back of lying is perfect. But the agreement is that anybody lies intentionally. Below, the sense is imperfect, the speech is poor, yet the employment desire additionally reflects the same.

When someone makes a mistake, and you become enraged about it, you are no better than the person who has instituted a boob because the labor was once imperfect, but here your emotions have become imperfect. Any labor plan has some flaws. But then the surface turns into an imperfection, and the innermost epilogue is lost.

Six Vikaras are flawed and natural distortions: lust, anger, greed, entanglement, arrogance, and jealousy. The entire creation is taken up on the body, or nature is distorted. That’s from what we call Prakriti and Vikriti. They are pieces of its design, but we call them distortions because work now does not allow the part to conform with luster and lead you to sin utterly. Lust is regarded as a sin because, in desire, you deal with the lousy person like an object. Anger and arrogance are crimes because they make you fail your center; you are angry if you lose sight of yourself. Greed and entanglement lead you to occupancy and obsession.

Feeding these Vikaras will alternate from one unholiness to another while maintaining a multiplying intestinal you. If sin is no longer, you have not evolved beyond sin. Sin is simply a wrinkle in the cloth. It needs excellent ironing.

You are a base of complacency or joy deep within! Be thankful that you have been bestowed with the traits that you have. When you recognize that integral truth, your imperfections diminish, or your intimate perfecting starts to evolve according to blossom.



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Prosenjit Nath

Prosenjit Nath

Prosenjit is an IT engineer by profession and an author by passion. He mostly focuses on personal development, productivity, politics, and spirituality.