Life’s balance is feasible?

It gets intricate in today’s life because many of us want to attain the so-wanted “Life Balance.”

What does it also mean? Its capability as an entire area of our lives holds sufficient stage over the pride we desire. The living areas consist of business or career, health, finances, family, romance, friends, personal growth, spirituality, environment, fun, or recreation.

When our lives are out of balance, we feel stressed. Stress comes in the form of intuition overwhelmed, overtired, overworked, headaches, physique aches, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, paltry self-esteem, disorientation, poverty concerning control, emptiness, misfortune, etc., etc.

Life is complicated, and now and then, we lose focus on acknowledging so much, and we may also feel pressure because there may be areas in our lives where there is a lack. For example, we may also work too many hours within our jobs/careers and have a scarcity of self-care/healthy relationships: family, romance, and friends. Another example can be found with engaged parents, including jobs, children, and family obligations; this may also remain preventive to them, in addition to the stability of the areas concerning personal growth, health, fun, and recreation.

In any existing circumstance, that is integral in conformity with what is written under our existence map and, second, by our bear goals. Once we compose the areas of our lives and evaluate the place we are, the level of pride we bear within each room, then where we want in conformity with go, we can advance desires and an assignment plan.

These can be short-term goals, and the fact that we plan for them in the meantime helps, including our intuition about scarcity concerning control, as is the supply of stress.

Life stability is a sentiment regarding delight as regards simple ethical needs. Some may also lie pleasant while working long hours or standing by because of their family so that those who arrive around imitate it, or the same do appeal to their health by postponing check-ups but exercising.

I need to bring the big picture up to speed; the word “balance” is significant because it will contribute to a healthy yet enjoyable life. If our priorities are baked into solely a few areas, the consequences of pleasure stay viewed as additional in the person’s life.

Life balance. Is that achievable? It depends on the priorities and alternatives we put into life, and it is over for us after design because of that conformity!



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Prosenjit Nath

Prosenjit Nath


Prosenjit is an IT engineer by profession and an author by passion. He mostly focuses on personal development, productivity, politics, and spirituality.